International Dance Acadedmy, Norway

Pointe Work

Point Work - Coaching - Repertoire

Professionals in teaching Pointe Work & Repertoire.

International Dance Acadedmy, Norway

Pointe Work for all levels from beginners to Advanced and Professionals.

Requirements: From 10 years old with 2 years ballet class experience.

International Dance Acadedmy, Norway


We will help the students to improve their technical abilities, feel more confident in themselves and reach a higher level of competence.

International Dance Acadedmy, Norway


The Academy offers a wide variety of repertoire,  teaching and coaching the students choreography from famous ballets, and adapting to their abilities when necessary. We will help them with the interpretation of the dance including stage acting.

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The Academy offers classes in Pointe work for all levels!

Point shoes, imported especially for the IDA, can be purchased from the academy.