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Contact us: +(47) 41 645 927

Studio address:

Sartor Storsenter, Grønamyrvegen (Inngang L), Straume, Norway.

Postal address:

International Dance Academy, Steinafjellet 13, 5382 Skogsvåg, Norway

We have our own entrance to Sartor Senter.


Parkering ved Kystbygarasjen (2 timer gratis): Park by the BLUE exit. This will take you to outside 'Bunn Pris' on the secound floor.

From inside the shopping centre (on the secound floor), pass 'Bunn Pris' on your right; follow round towards 'KID'; pass'KID' on your right hand side, and exit the building (Inngang L). Turn right and after 6m, go down the stairs.

'Drop off point' - If you are driving and wish to drop off your child, you can turn into the slip road from Grønamyrvegen,and stop right outside the studio entrance (next to Inngang L).