International Dance Acadedmy, Norway

About IDA

Privately owned and run by professional dancers, we are specialized in classical ballet and theatre dance and provide daily classes, for those who just love to dance and also for those who seek an opportunity to be fully trained for a future in professional dance.

International Dance Acadedmy, Norway

We have found that regardless of the differences in social cultures, dance has an international language and understanding all of its own.

International Dance Acadedmy, Norway

Our goal is to utilize strengths by combining talents and experiences of dancing in many different parts of the world, to raise the standards and technical level of dance while also building an audience that will appreciates the artistry and beauty of theatre dance.

International Dance Acadedmy, Norway

We hope that you will join in supporting us on our quest, to lay down clear foundations that will enable our students to progress and to broadens their horizons.

The Directors

Artistic Director Lorena Walker

Lorena Walker, Lorena Vidal

'To dance is to live!''

Lorena founded the International Academy of Classical Ballet in 2005 with the goal of promoting Classical Ballet in the west Bergen area. Read more...

Administrative Director William Walker

William Wilsone Walker